Sixth Column

Sixth Column
Publication date:1941.01
Genre:Science fiction novel
Preceded by:Magic, Inc.
Followed by:—And He Built a Crooked House—
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“Sixth Column,” also known under the title “The Day After Tomorrow,” is a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein, based on a story by his editor John W. Campbell, Jr., and set in a United States that has been conquered by the PanAsians: a combination of Chinese and Japanese. Originally published as a serial in “Astounding Science‐Fiction” in January, February, March issues of 1941, using the pen name Anson MacDonald it was republished in hardcover in 1949.


One by one, the Free Nations had fallen, until finally America too was under the heel of the invader. Now the only hope resides in a mountain redoubt where six men work in secret on a plan to rock the planet.

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Sixth ColumnSixth ColumnSixth ColumnSixth ColumnSixth ColumnSixth Column