Publication date:1940.01
Genre:Science fiction short story
Series:Future History
Preceded by:Misfit
Followed by:If This Goes On—
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“Requiem” is a short story by Robert A. Heinlein, serving as a sequel to his short science fiction novel, “The Man Who Sold the Moon,” although it was in fact published several years earlier than that story, in “Astounding Science‐Fiction” January 1940.
The story was also performed as a play on October 27 1955, on the “NBC Radio Network” program “X Minus One.”


Harriman, a tycoon and latter‐day robber baron, had always dreamed of going to the Moon, but never did—a fact that frustrates him, since he lives in a world where space travel is so commonplace that carnivals have their own barnstorming spacecraft. He is now too old, he is unable to pass the medical examination needed for space travel.
Harriman will fight many obstacles, including his heirs, who want him declared mentally incompetent or senile before he can spend their inheritance to make his way to his dream.