Poor Daddy

Publication date:1949.08
Genre:Short story
Series:Puddin’ Stories
Preceded by:Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon
Followed by:Gulf
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“Poor Daddy” is a short story written by Robert A. Heinlein. Unlike his usual output, it is not science fiction, but is intended as a modern story for young girls. It was printed in the magazine “Calling All Girls” August 1949.

The story is similar in style and tone to Heinlein’s better‐known story: “The Menace from Earth.”


Maureen, or “Puddin,” a strong‐willed, intelligent teenage girl, observes the interplay between her parents over the mother’s new‐found enthusiasm for ice dancing. Maureen’s father goes on a fishing trip. On his return, he announces that ice dancing is a simple matter of applied physics, and that anybody can do it. A competent skater herself, Maureen watches in horror as he puts on skates and ventures out on the ice…