Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon

Publication date:1949.04
Genre:Science fiction short story
Series:Boy Scout Stories
Preceded by:Our Fair City
Followed by:Poor Daddy
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“Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon” is a science fiction short story written by Robert A. Heinlein and published in April and May 1949 in “Boys’ Life,” a magazine of the “Boy Scouts of America,” who jointly hold copyright with Heinlein, dated 1976.

Heinlein wrote in a foreword in Expanded Universe that This story is compatible with “Future History” series. It is also part of Heinlein’s continuing post‐War‐II attempt to leave the SF‐pulp field and spread out.


Bruce is an Eagle Scout from Colorado on his way to Venus with a three week layover on the Moon. He hopes to qualify as an Eagle Scout (Luna) and then go on to become an Eagle Scout (Venus), the first triple Eagle. Shortly after his arrival on the Moon things get off to a rocky start…