Logic of Empire

Logic of Empire
Publication date:1941.03
Genre:Science fiction novella
Series:Future History
Preceded by:—And He Built a Crooked House—
Followed by:Beyond Doubt
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“Logic of Empire” is a science fiction novella by Robert A. Heinlein. Part of his “Future History” series, it originally appeared in “Astounding Science‐Fiction” March 1941.


Two well‐off Earth men are arguing about whether there is slavery on Venus, and one of them gets shanghaied there—or so he believes; they later find out that they’ve bet one another about the topic, gotten drunk, and signed on. Upon his arrival, he finds his contract sold to a farmer. His discovery that it will take him years to work off his debt is compounded by his realization that he cannot get to sleep at night without “rhira,” an expensive local narcotic, thus increasing his debt every day.