It’s Great to Be Back!

Publication date:1947.07
Genre:Science fiction short story
Series:Future History
Preceded by:They Do It with Mirrors
Followed by:Jerry Was a Man
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“It’s Great to Be Back!” is a science fiction short story by Robert A. Heinlein. One of his “Future History” stories, it was first published in “The Saturday Evening Post” July 26, 1947 issue.


A physical chemist and his wife, who have been in residence in Luna City on the Moon for some time, spend much of their time volubly regretting having ever left Earth. They decide to return “dirt‐side,” only to discover that the Earth of their imaginations bears only the faintest of resemblances to the actuality, which includes things unheard of in Luna, like smog, unpleasant weather, the common cold, and repairmen who refuse to make house calls.