Citizen of the Galaxy

Citizen of the Galaxy
Publication date:1957.07
Genre:Science fiction novel
Series:Heinlein Juveniles
Preceded by:The Door into Summer
Followed by:The Menace From Earth
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“Citizen of the Galaxy” is a science fiction novel by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, originally serialized in “Astounding Science‐Fiction” September, October, November, December issues of 1957, and published in hardcover same year as one of the “Heinlein Juveniles” by “Scribner’s.”

The story is heavily influenced by Rudyard Kipling’sKim.”


In a distant galaxy, the atrocity of slavery was alive and well, and young Thorby was just another orphaned boy sold at auction. But his new owner, Baslim, is not the disabled beggar he appears to be: adopting Thorby as his son, he fights relentlessly as an abolitionist spy. When the authorities close in on Baslim, Thorby must ride with the Free Traders—a league of merchant princes—throughout the many worlds of a hostile galaxy, finding the courage to live by his wits and fight his way from society’s lowest rung. But Thorby’s destiny will be forever changed when he discovers the truth about his own identity…

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Citizen of the GalaxyCitizen of the GalaxyCitizen of the Galaxy